Friday, 28 August 2015

Our Third Year and the Second Anniversary of Hobo Park !! Thank you Judy !

DJ Wolfie AND Maxx Sabertooth Playing our Favorites !!

Our First Official Event with Team RagTags - what a great success !!

WeeFolks For a Cure - August 28th !

I am so excited to announce that the new season for RFL of InWorldz is already off and running !!!   Sooo many fun and exciting things have already happened and are in the planning stages.  The Community of WeeFolks definitely have a spirit of hope and love for all!    Remember our rules!  Smile, have fun, and do pawsome things!  

We have changed a little from last year - we are now known as WeeFolks For a Cure - and encompass the entire grid of InWorldz.   WeeFolks For a Cure are a fine group of relayers across the grid made up of Wynx Tinies, AMB Tinies, CABS tinies  Dinkies, Dwagons, Steambots and Hatchlings.  Others are always welcome into our group - We are here to pawchop cancer.  So many of our family members and friends have been affected by this  dreaded disease and it is just not acceptable!   We relay because it is the right thing to do and we are able to do this for our friends and family.

 Our goal for this season is to smile, have fun, and do pawsome things - We don't make a monetary goal because we want everyone to feel included and be a part of the team.  It takes a lot to run a team.  Many different folks can give in so many ways.

 There are many ways to donate to our team.  We have kiosks out at various venues and places.  You can purchase items from a vendor.  We have an auction coming up from September 13-19.  We also have a new tool for our team to donate - and that is convio.  Convio is a fundraising tool used by the American Cancer Society - Relay For Life so that folks that are not inworldmay contribute.   Convio is a way for anyone in RL, InW or from any other grid to support our cause.  If you need a kit - just call OldeSoul Eldemar and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Our team is very special - we work together year round on various projects.  Our primary concern is that no one is left behind and everyone is included.   We love each other and care about each other.  RFL is a way for our community to help the American Cancer Society.  Anyone wanting to know more can go to

Convio - you can now donate on the Internet

We now have an site for web donations using a card or PayPal: